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Nityaz Residency in Noida is located in a plush residential area of Noida well insulated from the bustle and chaos of the NCR, a Northwestern province of India.The Hotel is centrally located & is near the city Centre Metro station. Nityaz Residency is well known for its matchless hospitality as well as cultural diversity. Finding accommodation in Noida has never been a problem for the guests and travelers. Our hotel strives hard to provide the best hotel services to their guests. We at Nityaz Residency provide you luxury accommodation at the Shopping City Center of Noida and that too at economic prices. Travelers who come from different parts of the world start their journey into India from here. Our hotel is a renowned budget hotel in the category of budget hotels in Noida. We are one of most experienced and renowned hotels in Noida .We provide quick online hotel booking to all our guests from different parts of the world. We also provide free airport pick up to all our overseas guests so that they do not face any hustles at the Delhi Airports.
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